Monday, 1 August 2016

Man Killed outside MacDonalds in Ashton. Four Arrests.

                                             Police gather evidence outside Macdonalds

A man died after an incident on the night of 27th July outside Macdolds in Ashton U Lyne. A boy of 12 and three teenagers have been arrested.

Our sympathies are given to the family of victim Bradley Moore, age 40.

Other news outlets will cover the basic facts of this case in more detail than we can, or indeed choose to. One question which comes to mind is "Where were the police?" The is an over abundance of CCTV cameras in the town centre. Why did these not act as a deterrent? "If you are innocent you have nothing to fear from cameras" is an old refrain. It would now appear that if you are guilty you won't have much to worry about -- unlike your victim.

We can also mention the failure to protect Mr Moore in relation to the GMP's interest in policing our housing estates for the benefit of social landlords. Private owners of houses on these estates can find themelves threatened with eviction if they "misbehave" (We have the evidence) or be visited by the police and told not to allow certain named individuals in their homes.

But patrol the town centre to prevent killings?? You must be joking!

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Amazing Countryside On Our Doorstep

I posted this article back in 2008 about a walk I used to enjoy around the Crowden area. Today I came across this video recently uploaded to Youtube which features a family in the same location. I have only been up there once this year and this has inspired me to head for the hills once again.

Mr Ali Shah is doing the right thing by taking his family up to the old quarry. It's quite a tiring walk using the route they appear to have taken. It's important to teach the young the benefits of exercise as those who live a totally sedentary life usually pay the price later in life and far too often these children are not getting the exercise they need.

I have been standing in again for TC recently as he has been unwell. TC is not as mobile as he once was and if people wish to see this blog site continue they should consider sending TC topical articles from the local area which he may publish for purposes of information and discussion.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Dukinfield Abduction Alert

The unidentified motorist, driving a white car, made a sick attempt to bundle the 11-year-old into his vehicle in Dukinfield, Manchester.

The sister of the boy told Daily Star Online that the man followed her brother as he walked home from school at around 7pm on Monday night.

The driver then pulled over and attempted to "grab his arm and drag him in", she claimed.

She believes whoever tried to snatch her brother could be part of a grooming gang akin to the sex rings uncovered in Rochdale and Rotherham 

 It comes after police confirmed a 20-year-old woman was followed by a man in the same area at around 11pm on Sunday night.

The woman told Daily Star Online the motorist asked where she was going and offered to give her a lift, but she refused and walked away.

But the man, described as Asian, continued to drive slowly beside her, after which she called a friend, prompting him to speed off.

Greater Manchester Police said the incident was "suspicious" and launched an investigation to support the youngster's evidence.

The incidents are a chilling reminder of the widespread child abuse scandal that occurred in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, between 1997 and 2013.

An estimated 1,400 children were abducted and sexually abused. Daily Star

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Collabor8 Event In Bury

What a wonderful name for this event, a celebration of immigration, diversity and multiculturalism. In France during the war there were sections of French society who willfully collaborated with hostile invaders. Through their actions these people became known as Collaborators. If you would like to collabor8 you could attend this event in Bury and join the fun.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Is Islam Reallly A Religion Of Peace?

Our magnificent political leaders are always telling us that Islam is a religion of peace, some people may disagree, this article in The Spectator offers an alternate view, but what do the people of Tameside think? 

Islamist knifemen forced priest, 84, to kneel and filmed his death as they slit his throat

Jihadists storm French church during Mass chanting 'Allahu Akbar' 

Read more about the shocking events in France today by clicking here

Monday, 25 July 2016

Ukulele Lessons in Tameside

You can find the chord chord chart for this lesson on our BLOG which can be found on our website as shown below.

If you would like to learn how to use this chord ask about our Jammers workshops. These are for all ages starting from 5 years old with Junior Jammers and then every age to Senior Jammers.

If you would like a lesson by SKYPE or at our Stalybridge studios send a message
via our website or
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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How can we defend ourselves from this:-

This picture recently ap[eared on Facebook.. It claims to show an elderly victim of two burglars in Ashton. There is no evidence given in support of the claim.

Let us for sake of arguement  assume the facts contained in hte article are accurate. And given the state of Brtiain at the moment this is not an outlandish assumption. There is one question which I would like to pose to the Greater Manchester Police. How was this woman ,or any infirm or disabled person, expected to defend themselves?

We know that we are permitted to use "reasonable force" in self drfence. But look at the victim. I doubt she could use ANY force in self defence.She is therefore left helpless by the GMP. She is left undefended by the police as a deliberate police decision. We are  used  to the police taking a tough line with "vigilantes" but this is different. How does the vulnerable person defend themselves when the police do not or will not?

I make one suggestion. A "vulnerable person" has the right to keep a shotgun at home. I can hear the outcry now from the liberals.."gun nut","extremist", etc etc. I am prepared to compromise. A taser, a stun gun, tear gas or some other non lethal weapon could be substituted. But whatever you views may be there is still one problem the police cannot or will not address. They can not defend the vulnerable member of the public who needs help. But they will prevent him/her from defending themselves.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Is this the most patriotic road in Tameside?

When traveling down Manchester Rd in Denton it's always impressive to see our national flag (but for how long if the fishy Sturgeon has her way?) flying. For sheer visual impact the large flag flying from the Liberal Club wins hands down, the flag flying from the Conservative Club has definitely seen better days and I think a whip round for a replacement might be an idea.

Friday, 24 June 2016

UK citizens vote to take back their country.

Today, the 24th June 2016, almost a century after the Battle of the Somme, which saw 20,000 young British men killed on the first day, the British people kept faith with their memory and voted for freedom and independence.

Now prepare for the deluge. A spate of attacks on the UK  by international banks and financiers.

International banker George Soros "warnend" the UK not to vote to leave the EU..... then made a killing by  when we did.

Soros set up a number of foundations in Eastern Europe which engaged in subversion against popular governments. The one in Ukraine acted on behalf of the US State department to overthrow the democratic elected leader.

Be aware that the numerous "crises" we face in the future days will be manipulated by international finance.